Sunday, 21 June 2009

Two Poems

an island that dances away
from every approach towards it
an island of sedge and lyme-grass
bright like an open face
an island or glimpse of something
significant but misted over
an island with a boat
pulled up on the shore
an island to which singing voices
come at night over the water
an island of yellow ragwort
rippling in the sunlight

collected on a bright day
from cliffs above the sea
wild honey of the whin
eat it and hunger for it
look for it and find it
for honey of bell heather
take the hives to the moor
or to sheltered tidal margins
to gather from the sea pink
gather pollen from the willow
the sycamore's early nectar
nectar of bramble and clover

from The Threadbare Coat
Moschatel Press 2009 £5