Tuesday, 18 July 2017

farm by the shore

Farm by the Shore

Carcanet Press 2017


cover drawing by Laurie Clark

a turbulence in water
a perturbation of the air
thrills through the wood as cold
or a water song in leaves

a trembling
in the leaves
gathers beyond
its impetus
a commotion
or contagion
in the leaves

as you move through the trees
they shift around you
jostling for position
until everything you see
has sight of you

something only
glimpsed is something
something barely
discerned is something
something hardly
there is something

of bodies changed to new shapes
of minds changed
the breeze informs you
the shadows tell you
of garments into foliage
limbs to branches

through the gesture
the impulse
in the gesture
carried to
a liberty
only the gesture

Sunday, 2 July 2017

portrait of Sappho


to keep open a space
between before and after